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NRA Backs Regulation Of Bump Stocks, As Some Republicans Support A Ban

06 October 2017

Stephen Paddock used "bump stocks" to transform many of his semi-automatic rifles into fully automated guns, meaning they were capable of firing much more quickly.

"I do think there would be bipartisan support coming together to pass a bill to make it illegal to sell those because you can buy them now", Pelosi said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California called on lawmakers to add various new restrictions, including bolstered background checks of gun purchasers and a ban on bump stocks. He then shot more than 500 people, killing 58 of them.

"I didn't even know what they were until this week, and I'm an avid sportsman", Ryan said.

Why bump stocks, which are created to let a shooter fire more rounds in less time, are legal is a question that the Senate will soon consider after Sen. "We won't talk about that", Trump said inside a Las Vegas trauma center, where he'd met with doctors and nurses who tended to victims. "I'm not an expert on bump stocks, [but] all things that make America safer and don't infringe on the Second Amendment, count me in", Graham said.

"They're legal because they're not changing the mechanics of the weapon itself", said Sgt. Heindenreich. "Yeah, I don't think there's any question we ought to look at that".

A Thursday report from the Associated Press indicated that a ban of "bump stocks" could happen soon. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., introduced legislation that would ban the manufacture or possession of accessories that accelerate a semi-automatic rifle's rate of fire to that of an automatic weapon.

At least least one Republican has opened the door to supporting a bill like Feinstein's.

Some gun rights advocates still say bump stocks should remain legal because it is possible to shoot a rifle just as fast without the device. According to the United States Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, 12 of the guns were modified with bump-fire stocks. But bump stocks - devices that weren't part of the American lexicon before Monday - have shed new light on an old debate.

The White House said President Donald Trump welcomed a review of U.S. policy on so-called bump stock devices that legally make semi-automatic rifles into faster-firing automatic weapons. And, after assassination of Las Vegas, was first prepared for a concession. Senator David Perdue's office says, 'If this is a loophole that gets around that intent, then I would want to look at that'.