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Five Arrested After Bomb Is Discovered In Paris Building

03 October 2017

Five people, including at least one Islamist radical, have been arrested after an improvised bomb was found in a quiet street in one of the most expensive residential districts of Paris.

Paris police said a neighbour alerted authorities to suspicious activity in the building in the 16th arrondissement early on Saturday.

Speaking to France Inter radio, Collomb stressed the likely attack showed that France was still in war against terrorism, warning "that the level of the threat in France is extremely important".

A mobile phone attached to the cylinders is being investigated as a possible detonator, AFP reported.

It was found when a local resident of the building in RueChanez called the police shortly before 4.30am on Saturday'.

Investigations are entrusted to counter-terrorism section of Criminal Brigade of Paris Police prefecture and to Directorate-General for Homeland Security (ITSB).

The incident came the same weekend as a deadly stabbing in the French port city of Marseille. The last attack on Sunday, when a man, with cries of Allah Akbar, stabbed two 20-year-old cousins on forecourt of Saint-Charles station in Marseilles before being shot by a patrol of sentry operation. His motives are unclear, though it was claimed by the Islamic State group.

Three suicide bombers targeted the Stade de France during multiple terror attacks in the city in November 2015 killing one person.

Five Arrested After Bomb Is Discovered In Paris Building