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New iOS 11 Features You Need To Change To Protect Yourself

27 September 2017

However, in a separate note, Apple says this update resolves the issue with Microsoft-hosted email accounts detailed in "iOS 11 Mail Failing to Send with Microsoft-Hosted Accounts" (22 September 2017).

Women have been taking to Twitter to encourage fellow females to upgrade to iOS 11 immediately and to enable the "Emergency SOS" function, which requires a brief set-up before it's operational. The feature used to help iPhone users to quickly access their multitasking screens and switch between different apps.

Thinfilm Electronics ASA, a provider of NFC mobile marketing and smart product products, has debuted its new NFC scanner app for iPhone users, according to a press release.

"With the release of iOS 11 for the iPhone, NFC enters a new era", Christian Delay, senior vice president of strategic marketing and general manager of software platforms for Thinfilm, said in the release.

Allowing your phone to offload unused apps and delete old messages can clear up a lot of space on your phone, and if you re-download the apps in the future, your data will be saved. "No need to flip back and forth between apps". If you use an important app for work or school that won't be compatible with iOS 11, you should consider not updating to iOS 11 until you make sure they are compatible.

With iOS 11, the iCloud Drive app was replaced by Files app, where all of your files are at one place including files from cloud storage apps such as Dropbox, and from other apps that include documents such as PDF Expert 6, and even files on your local device.

New iOS 11 Features You Need To Change To Protect Yourself