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Instagram now lets you limit who can comment on your pics

26 September 2017

It still has some way to go - a report recently found Instagram was using a picture of a rape threat to advertise its service to new users - but the app has made it a priority, at least. Today, the social media platform expanded this filter to block offensive comments in four more languages: Arabic, French, German, and Portuguese. For those who have private pages, as well as public, users can now block certain accounts from commenting on their posts. This could be a really meaningful addition for the platform, particularly since the launch of Facebook Live, there have been occasional news stories about people broadcasting self-harm and death. The company is launching new tools today which include one that enable users to control who comments on their posts.

Instagram's new update let's users limit who can leave comments on their posts.

If you're watching a live broadcast and see someone who is having a hard time, you can anonymously report the broadcast to Instagram, and they'll send the user a message of support.

Instagram has added more comment controls to keep people feeling safe and welcome on the site.

BuzzFeed News reports that Instagram already allowed its users to report posts for including references to self-harm and suicide and would present reported posters with resources to get assistance; but it says the difference now is that Instagram will actively pop up its information in the middle of a live stream, rather than waiting until it's ended to offer help to the streamer. Users can now turn on the feature by going to Settings Comments Comment Controls.

Starting today, that menu will now show up during a live stream if someone is anxious about you and reports your live stream for self-harm.

The company also expanded a feature it launched in May that is created to help users in need of help and resources related to mental illness.

"Instagram are continuing to provide mental health resources to people when they need them the most", it said. "This is an important step in ensuring that people get help wherever they are - on Instagram or off".

Instagram now lets you limit who can comment on your pics