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WWE No Mercy: Which Match Will Steal The Show?

24 September 2017

On that somber note, I'll call this a wrap but will look forward to catching up with you next time for my reviews on No Mercy and whatever else. "#No Mercy 2017" contains a contest between the two in a Wrestlemania caliber match.

Apollo Crews will be facing Elias in the kickoff show.

-The Miz vs. Jason Jordan for the Intercontinental Championship.

The Drifter has been on a roll as of late and this match will help keep him relevant and successful. But a Bray Wyatt win might be a good surprise. Wyatt made an appearance and told him that he had been defeated by the Demon King and not Balor. The two matches have resulted in losses but have proven that he is a tough competitor.

On top of that, The Miz, while being loved by many, is still overlooked at times when speaking about his wrestling ability. Now that the shield was reformed, and they won the tag team title this match has all the feel of tying a bow on this arc. John Cena's had the upper hand in all of these promos. Just nobody had the nuts to bring it out of him, nobody.

Cena's responded by bringing up Reigns' suspension for failing a drug test previous year and how the fans constantly boo him despite being the recipient of many big pushes from WWE. There's absolutely no need to take the Intercontinental title off of Miz. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle chose to make it up to the Miz by finding him a challenger. This makes a ton of sense, considering that Miz has been insulting Jordan and Angle for weeks beforehand.

In the following weeks, Jordan has had tough matches against a plethora of opponents including both John Cena and Roman Reigns. There are no betting odds for the cruiserweight championship match between Neville and Enzo Amore. If he's going to drop the belt, WWE better make it count. Moving Amore to the Cruiserweight Division puts more eyes on 205 Live while giving Amore a serious program that focuses on in-ring competition and not just character. I, frankly, have no idea whether Enzo is capable of rising to the occasion in this one, but if he can, it might be a big step toward people taking him seriously - which, at this point, they don't seem to. No matter how little he wrestles, Lesnar is still the most recognizable name in WWE.

Unfortunately for Amore, it is very hard to cheat and win a championship unless there is some outside interference.

-Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Titles. She and Nia will have an arc that leads to a title match, while also having Sasha and Bayley squabbling. Of course, Banks would then have another rematch of her own, which she cashed in for Hell in a Cell. He competed for it at SummerSlam in the Fatal Four-Way but didn't succeed.

There is only a 20% chance that Alexa Bliss is walking out of No Mercy still the champion, so there will probably be a new titleholder by the end of this match. It seems like this is really Nia Jax's to win. His matches against Big Show have already proven to be entertaining as hell and a singles match against Brock on Sunday should be even better. Basically, Vince hasn't decided which one to do yet or he has decided but he doesn't want anyone to know and so on the format sheet that times out the show, there's one where the main event is "X" number of minutes and there's another where the main event is a different number of minutes.

WWE No Mercy: Which Match Will Steal The Show?