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Dandridge neo-confederate group to rally around Virginia monument

16 September 2017

The New Confederate States of America based in Dandridge, Tenn., has advertised a "Heritage Not Hate" rally in Richmond at the statue of Confederate Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue.

We believe Ms. Brandau and any other person coming to Richmond for this unlawful rally should be locked up the minute they step out in a protest on Monument Avenue.

"I urge Virginians who have no reason to be in the vicinity of these protests to steer clear of the parts of Monument Avenue where it will be held so that law enforcement can perform the task of keeping people safe".

This is a developing story. "That is not why we are here", Brandau said.

Rally organizers say they're cooperating with police and that they want the protest to remain peaceful.

Jessica Lawrence, a Richmond dissident who meant to walk Saturday from the new Maggie Walker statue on Broad Street to Monument Avenue, interfered with the gathering's 11 a.m. question and answer session outside the Virginia State Capitol.

Richmond police are teaming up with police from within the region and State Troopers to prevent what happened in Charlotteville from reoccurring.

"You're causing inconvenience in our city", Lawrence shouted at the gathering. After the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer in the Charlottesville event, Gov. Terry McAuliffe issued a moratorium on permit rallies around the controversial public monuments.

While Richmond Police said they would implement a solid no weapons arrangement inside the defensive entryways around the Lee landmark, the individuals who go to the rally would be permitted to convey firearms since Virginia is an open convey state.

"If someone has a mask on, we're not asking them to take them off. they're being arrested!" exclaimed Chief Durham which was followed by applause at a Thursday night community meeting.

Beyond holding an unlawful public rally, they potentially would be violating several state laws against carrying loaded firearms in public areas and brandishing weapons in a manner reasonably meant to intimidate others.

"We have reached out to Charlottesville, we have reached out to Boston, we have reached out to Berkeley, to get their reaction, best practices, what went wrong, went right, and that's what you'll see us executing in our plan", Durham said. "Try not to appear".

Ultimately, they said they want the police to "make every reasonable effort to keep opposing groups separate but within sight and sound of each other". Nonconformists who attempted to disguise their characters with covers would be captured, no inquiries inquired. "That is the battle here".

Dandridge neo-confederate group to rally around Virginia monument