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China opposes foreign funding in Northeast India

16 September 2017

China on Friday warned third parties against meddling in its boundary dispute with India, specifically mentioning the Arunachal Pradesh sector in an apparent response to Indo-Japanese plans to invest in infrastructure projects in the North Eastern States.

Hua said the boundary between India and China was yet to be delimited: "There are disputes over the eastern section of the China-India boundary. It is our sovereign right to develop the country inside our boundaries and we will utilise that right", Shah told a press conference while replying to a query on the issue.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and Modi, in a joint statement, has declared that India and Japan will increase the cooperation to improve the infrastructure in North-east region.

"We are also closely following the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to India".

Playing down that part of the joint statement which called for the countries involved in the South China Sea dispute to resolve the disputes peacefully, Hua Chunying said that the statement only advocated the need for resolving the disputes through dialogue.

"Any third party should not meddle in the disputes between China and India over territorial sovereignty in any form", Hua said. "Now, China and India are working on seeking a fair and reasonable settlement which can be accepted by both sides through negotiations". The two countries have made a decision to seek synergy between India's "Act East" Policy and Japan's "Expanded Partnership for Quality Infrastructure", by closely coordinating, bilaterally and with other partners, for better regional integration and improved connectivity as well as industrial networks based on principles of mutual consultation and trust.

She also added that contrary to media reports, she could not find any "innuendoes" in Beijing's reference in the joint statement. "I read the joint statement carefully but I have not found the statement mentioned the term China at all", she said. "We hope the normal development of the relationship can be conducive to regional, peace and development and play a constructive role in this process", she said.

When asked about the India and Japan's indirect allusion in the joint statement regarding border dispute, navigation, and Belt and Road initiative, the Chinese side explained that "it is better to ask Japan and India and see whether they can make some clarifications on this".

China opposes foreign funding in Northeast India