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Xbox Has A Clever Way To Save Hard Drive Space

15 September 2017

With 4K games for Xbox One X set to make things even bigger than before thanks to even higher resolution textures and assets - Forza Motorsport 7 is set to be 100GB in size at launch on Xbox One X - Microsoft have had to come up with some way to try and save a little space. FIFA, for example, has loads of languages but if you only speak English then you do not need the commentaries in other languages. Microsoft's Intelligent Delivery system will take care of all these and download only the files that are absolutely needed for that user. With Intelligent Delivery, you won't. Xbox One X intelligent delivery will notify you that there are 4K textures available for download.

As we've previously reported, when it comes to 4K assets, the Xbox Store will intelligently decide what types of assets to install and unpack. He did not get into the details of the specifications either, only broadly stating that developers will be given the choice to implement support in their own games.

Tagged chunks are the backbone of the new Intelligent Delivery system and allow developers to send out parts of a game piecemeal - a very good way to cut down on the initial download time and should save significant hard drive space when utilized for your entire game collection.

In addition, the Intelligent Delivery system will prevent Xbox One owners from having to download the 4K assets that will be used by Xbox One X consoles, as those assets will not be supported by the Xbox One. This applies for users upgrading from the Xbox One to the Xbox One X as well. Digital Foundry uses the example of a level editor, that perhaps many players won't bother with, or the campaign in a multiplayer-focused title that you might never play again.

It should also mean that you don't need to download bits of a game that you don't need, reducing download times.

Intelligent Delivery could dramatically speed of up development in a number of key ways, and it will be interesting how the feature revolutionizes Xbox gaming-and possibly even total console gaming-in the future.

This tech will be incorporated in a way that provides users with a new option regarding downloading games.

Thankfully however, this gap in big exclusive games looks to be down to the publisher figuring out its roadmap and gearing up for the years ahead.

Xbox Has A Clever Way To Save Hard Drive Space