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National Basketball Association sets a date to vote on draft lottery reform

15 September 2017

The NBA could be set for a draft lottery reform after a date was set for a vote on the proposals by the league. This new plan will make the three equally share a 14 percent chance, with odds of ensuing teams to drop incrementally by one or two percent.

Simply put, the league would adjust the lottery odds so that the lowest-ranked teams have lower chances of landing the top picks.

The punishment for losing the draft lottery is also slightly worse. Commissioner Silver hopes that this plan is voted on in his favor, and would be implemented at the 2019 NBA Draft.

Any changes would be made for the 20198 NBA Draft, so teams can still tank for at least one more year. Additionally, the proposed change in legislation means that the gap between the worst and fifth-worst record teams reduces drastically.

The competition committee also recommended a plan to the board of governors to curb the resting of healthy players in the regular season, league sources told ESPN.

In addition, the league's three worst teams could dip even further in the lottery than they now can.

At the apex of the Philadelphia 76ers' tanking saga, the board of governors voted down a somewhat more liberal proposal on lottery reform in 2014.

This has become particularly a worry for small market teams who have no choice but to build their roster through the draft, given how the last few years have provided a good sample size of putting free agency decisions in the players' hands, making it increasingly hard to retain talent.

As well as the draft lottery reform, guidelines for the resting of players will also be on the agenda as the National Basketball Association aims to discourage teams from resting their star players for nationally televised games.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnorowski, one proposal includes commissioner Adam Silver having the ability to fine teams for resting healthy players during nationally televised games.

The NBA rid the 2017-18 season schedule of back-to-back games around nationally televised appearances, giving teams less reason to sit out players for high-profile games.

National Basketball Association sets a date to vote on draft lottery reform