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Generator blamed in 7-year-old's death

15 September 2017

A seven-year-old's death has been ruled accidental after her mother found her dead in bed while a generator ran in their Lakeland home on Wednesday.

She is being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in a Miami hospital, and is in critical, but stale, condition.

PCSO said she told the first responders the generator was running in the living room, while she and Terryn were asleep in the bedroom with the door closed. She said she was unaware generators should not be used inside. Her daughter, Terryn had slept in bed with her and appeared to have died in her sleep.

An autopsy will be performed to determine Terryn's exact cause of death.

Polk County Fire Rescue opened all of the windows in the home because of the high concentration of carbon monoxide inside.

The carbon monoxide level in the Wilson's home was measured at 150 parts per million. "Please, please follow safety instructions that we have stressed over and over so no other tragedies such as this one occur", said Sheriff Grady Judd. Because generators are usually used during power outages and storms, people tend to place them in their garage or underneath their porch, which can lead to risky levels of carbon monoxide entering the home. Operating a generator inside a home is akin to leaving the auto running inside a enclosed garage.

Three people were also reportedly found dead at a home in Orlando on Tuesday, according to Fox 35. They took her to Lakeland Regional Medical Center. "You know how bad it is".

Generator blamed in 7-year-old's death