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Windows Fall Creators Update will shake up privacy settings

14 September 2017

In addition the company is also explaining how they collect all the data.

17 release date of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update nears, Microsoft Corp. continues to make some tweaks to its privacy settings.

In April, we outlined significant enhancements made to the Windows 10 Creators Update that gives you more control to make informed decisions about your privacy.

There's now a setting that will turn all data collection down to as near to zero as possible to keep Windows 10's analytics service running as it should to warn of upgrades and calamities. The option to do the same would be available through the Settings app Privacy.

In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, users will get direct access to the full privacy statement during the setup process. This is instead of wading through the whole document to understand the privacy implications of each feature.

Now, the privacy bumps include special permission prompts for Windows 10 apps to access various components like the camera, microphone, contacts, calendar, etc.

What are your views about Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Users will now be prompted for access to features before the app is allowed to use them. These new per-app permissions requirements apply only to apps obtained through the Windows Store.

Moreover, Microsoft would offer detailed privacy statement during the Windows installation process, giving the users a better idea of what data of theirs will be sucked by Windows.

Microsoft is now focusing on bug fixes for the preview builds it shares under the Windows Insiders program, but it will include some of these changes Insiders in the coming weeks.

Windows Fall Creators Update will shake up privacy settings