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Two Soldiers, Five Militants Killed in North Sinai

14 September 2017

Terror attacks in Egypt used to focus on police and military men in North Sinai before spreading nationwide and targeting the Coptic minority as well, with a lot of them claimed by a Sinai-based group loyal to the regional Islamic State (IS) militant group.

Military spokesman Col. Tamer el-Rifai said in a statement that two conscripts were killed in the shootout, which erupted after a militant with an explosives belt tried to storm a military checkpoint.

Earlier on Sunday, police said they killed 10 in Giza Province near the capital Cairo, adding that they were extremists escaping from North Sinai and preparing for carrying out a number of terror operations.

A number of militants fled the scene of the shootout.

Egypt's Interior Ministry meanwhile said security forces killed the "main suspect" behind a July attack on a security vehicle patrolling a village near Egypt's famed pyramids.

The Sinai Peninsula has been under a state of emergency since October 2014, after a deadly terrorist attack left 33 Egyptian soldiers dead.

While based in North Sinai, the ISIS affiliate in Egypt has carried out attacks elsewhere including in Cairo, and has claimed attacks that have killed more than 100 Coptic Christians since December.

Egypt said on Wednesday that its security forces had broken up a previously unheard of Islamist terrorist group that was plotting attacks on tourist and oil sites as well as religious leaders.

Two Soldiers, Five Militants Killed in North Sinai