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Sinead O'Connor is 'fed up' with being called insane

13 September 2017

Sinead O'Connor has opened up about her hard upbringing in an interview on the USA chat show, Dr Phil.

The hour long sit-down is part of the show's upcoming sixteenth season premiere and O'Connor believes that her appearance can help de-stigmatize mental illness across all platforms.

In a preview clip of her emotional interview with TV psychologist Dr. Phil, Sinead says: "I am fed up of being defined as the insane person; the childhood abuse survivor".

"She ran a torture chamber", the star claimed in the clip released by the Daily Mail. "She was a person who took delight and smile in hurting you", Sinead (pictured on the right as a child) says of her mother (L).

Dr. Phil said that O'Connor's motive for being on the show was simply to raise awareness. "I am nothing" while she was beating me".

O'Connor also laments about the fact that her own family will not take care of her, while accepting some of the blame for the tense relationship she has with her brood.

"I don't want to make out like I'm a victim here, I give it as good as I get".

O'Connor spoke about the effects of having a radical hysterectomy in 2015 had on her mental health. "We can be hard".

"What happened was I had been writing to my family, begging letters and angry letters". "I thought it would be better, maybe my family might (reach out), if they saw how I'm feeling, they would relate to it".

The Grammy victor posted the 12-minute footage on Facebook in early August, revealing she was all alone and struggling to live every day.

He told Entertainment Tonight that he feared that she was playing a unsafe game with her life."I've been a huge fan of Sinead O'Connor because she's one of the most pure voices in music and here I see this this iconic talent alone in the middle of the night, in a motel room in New Jersey", Dr. Phil recalled.

"You've seen her video she's posted on Facebook and all, from motel rooms in New Jersey", he said. "I promise I won't let you down", the post reads. I won't respond to any questions, so please understand. She sparked widespread concerns last month after posting a tearful video to Facebook revealing she has been in a suicidal state for the past two years.

That breakdown came against the backdrop of a legal battle where she is being sued by a former lover - and long-term manager - for alleged defamation and breach of contract. "Soon as you get off stage, you're the a**hole you always are".

Sinead O'Connor is 'fed up' with being called insane