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'It' sequel to explore Pennywise's origins, Second chapter likely out in 2019

13 September 2017

In particular, Finn Wolfhard, who stars in "Stranger Things", displays his comedic ability in this film.

Based on Stephen King's classic novel, the plot follows a shapeshifter who frequently takes the form of a clown named Pennywise, as he haunts the children of a small town in Maine. But first, they must overcome their own personal fears, horrors Pennywise has no trouble exploiting. The script - the byproduct of excellent storytelling techniques, authentic characters, and cleverly constructed tension. Director Andy Muschietti, screenwriter Gary Dauberman and producer Seth Grahame-Smith say King's work shaped the storytellers they are today, and his approval of their adaptation is critical if they're to consider the film a success.

In many ways, Jessica Chastain feels like the "easy" choice to the adult Beverly, but there's a strong chance that she's also the right choice. Everyone else did, as it made the most money ever for a Horror film in one weekend.

He is vulnerable, likeable, charming and strong. Richie's tendency to swear like no tomorrow as a personal coping mechanism made him the center of most of the film's comedic moments. One boy in the club lost his beloved little brother to it. Others have had personal encounters with the creepy being.

What most people are wanting from the 2017 adaptation, however, are the scares.

This is a very, fun dark comedy that displays well-realized characters and dialogue, and comments on the current social media-obsessed age we live in. Their fears. Their motivation. The need to immediately release the sequel is reportedly due to the fact that there needs to be a lot of fresh flashback scenes that will involve the movie's original kid actors. The Losers were well-introduced, well-liked, and well-executed through and through.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the film is the actors. Skarsgård is magnificent as Pennywise, embodying a creature of psychologically scarring proportions. "I want everyone to enjoy it, but his opinion was the one that mattered to me most".

The standout films now playing are the ones meant to shake you up a bit: "It", the terrifying coming-of-age tale, "Ingrid Goes West", the deranged dark comedy, and "Good Time", the electrifying white-knuckle thriller.

Considering that King's original novel was over 1100 pages, it would be hard to fit all of the characters and events into two films. There was never a boring moment and by avoiding the club's adulthood, audiences and fans alike will assuredly welcome an expanded cinematic universe. We want to be scared...but not the cheap way.

As the film ends, the true title of the film is revealed - It: Chapter 1. Understanding that fear is the best spice, the film tosses conventional storytelling out the window and plays with the characters' psychological status quo, all the while shoving a feeling of paranoia down our throats. The second film has already been confirmed, and it will focus on the Losers as adults.

"There's no way I would be a writer or a novelist without Stephen King", said Grahame-Smith, author of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", both of which were adapted for the screen. Float your way to the next screening and you won't be disappointed.

'It' sequel to explore Pennywise's origins, Second chapter likely out in 2019