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Engagement ring falls through bridge during proposal

13 September 2017

"It completely still blows our mind this happened to us but instead of wallowing about it we've chose to laugh it off", she said.

After four years of dating, Seth Dixon brought Ruth to their favorite spot in Kansas City's Loose Park. "I heard the plop of the ring and I'm like, oh no". They just never anticipated having to literally go diving for the engagement ring. "I was just completely shocked". Dixon was seen confidently kneeling down on one knee before dropping to his hands in an attempt to save the ring. "There were sticks going between my toes".

'Just sad I don't have a ring to show for it, ' she admitted. "And the flashlight was dying".

The couple eventually went to church later that Sunday where attendees chose to join in on the search after hearing about the couple's story.

"We probably had 25 people there".

He got down on one knee, began to profess his love for her and opened the ring box, only to watch in horror as the diamond ring tumbled out, bounce a couple times and fall through a narrow crack in the wooden bridge.

Their wedding is scheduled for October 21. "I don't have it on me, obviously, but it will all work out", Ruth said. In fact, one of their friends set up a Go Fund Me page to help them buy a new ring, for a do-over. It had zero dollars raised as of 3 p.m. Monday. "Honestly, I'm happy and excited that we're finally engaged".

The couple have faith and are trying to be good humored about it.

Salas didn't even get a chance to formally accept the proposal before the chaos. "And for a moment I'll be like, 'What are you laughing (at)?' And I'm like, 'Oh, you're watching the Seth and Ruth video again, '" their friend Staci Dabney said.

Engagement ring falls through bridge during proposal