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North Korea's nukes call for concerted action, not loose talk

12 September 2017

"Just like France, Russia condemns provocations that the North Korean leadership has been carrying out, testing ballistic missiles and nuclear devices in breach of UN Security Council resolutions", he said.

In an interview published on Sunday United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the showdown over North Korea's nuclear and missile programme was the world's worst crisis "in years" and had left him deeply anxious.

North Korea said the US will pay a "due price" for leading efforts to impose new U.N sanctions against the country.

Mexico has traditionally sought to steer clear of diplomatic spats, but in the past few months it has adopted robust language to condemn the governments of Venezuela and North Korea as they descended into increasing worldwide isolation. Kim through a banquet over the weekend to reward the scientists and engineers behind the September 3 test, which North Korea said was a hydrogen bomb.

Some 453,096 South Koreans and 32,461 North Koreans lived in Japan previous year, according to government data.

The US had originally pushed for a strict oil embargo, as well as a freeze on the assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In 2013 Russia reopened a railway link with North Korea, from the Russian eastern border town of Khasan to Rajin, to export coal and import goods from South Korea and elsewhere.

The conflicting messages emerging from the White House, the lack of coordination with the Department of Defense and the absence of effective diplomacy point to a total lack of a coherent U.S. strategy to deal with North Korea. U.S. officials have talked of attacking repeatedly.

North Korea's Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on state media that if the U.S. "does rig up the illegal and unlawful 'resolution, '" it would respond in kind. Branches near North Korea of at least three state banks have also banned North Koreans from opening accounts, according to the Japanese news agency.

A new poll from Gallup Korea shows that some 58% of South Koreans don't believe that North Korea will start a war, and 37% think they will.

The new measures are sure to cause North Korea more economic pain.

Urging the North to meet the global community's demands to dismantle its nuclear arsenal, Mexico stressed its full support for the UN's efforts to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Putin has remained firm however that such sanctions on oil would have negative humanitarian effects on North Koreans. The Ronald Reagan was out on routine patrol from May until August, and was sent to the Sea of Japan with the another carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, to take part in drills with Japan's Self Defence Forces as well as the South Korean military.

Even as Trump has insisted that now is not the time to talk, senior members of his administration have made clear that the door to a diplomatic solution is open, especially given the U.S. assessment that any pre-emptive strike would unleash massive North Korean retaliation.

North Korea's nukes call for concerted action, not loose talk