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Kristen Bell Chronicles Her Hotel Hurricane Irma Adventure

12 September 2017

Turns out that Kristen Bell is the friend anyone would want to have during an emergency, as the actress has proven this week during Hurricane Irma and its aftermath.

During his chat with Bell, Jimmy Kimmel recognized an elderly gentleman named John sitting beside Bell, whom she sang with in an Instagram video. Sadly, John doesn't know who Kimmel is, though, so Bell told him he was Johnny Carson - a fact that got the biggest laugh of the entire segment. "We're making the most of a insane situation".

Meanwhile, the hotel where Bell is hunkering down (along with around 86 other film crew members) is full of senior home evacuees and she is finding all kinds of ways to light up their evenings.

'He's been running toilet paper to people's rooms at two in the morning, ' she said.

Earlier in the day, the actress posted on her own page, "Last run to the store for #irma hurricane holdover prep while bracing down in orlando- we didn't have the option to leave so here we are".

'I'll never be the same, ' he added, prompting both Jimmy and Kristen to burst out laughing. She graciously opened her doors for thousands of senior citizens, inviting them to her hotel and cheering them up by playing bingo and racing wheelchairs.

The Good Place star helped actress Jennifer Carpenter's grandmother and mother and also helped secure a hotel room for Frozen co-star Josh Gad's family after they were reportedly stranded in the state.

Kristen Bell Chronicles Her Hotel Hurricane Irma Adventure