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Uber Drivers In London Must All Go Hybrid Or Electric By 2020

09 September 2017

Uber has been aggressive in pursuing this goal, expanding its fleet of all-electric vehicles in London to 150 earlier this year. Licensed drivers using Uber will be eligible for up to £5,000 (about $6,600) to help cover the cost of upgrading to a hybrid or battery-electric vehicle. However the company is seeking to go beyond this by an aim to see only fully electric vehicles registered to use the service in London by 2025.

"Air pollution is a growing problem and we're determined to play our part in tackling it with this bold plan".

Should all taxis and ride-hailing services be hybrid or fully electric in cities like London?

But Uber is also announcing a new funding arrangement for anyone looking to upgrade to a hybrid or electric vehicle, which could range up to as much as £5,000 ($6,604 US) depending on conditions met. Uber's also handing out up to £1,5000 ($1,981 US) in Uber credit for London residents who ditch their old diesel auto. It's also launching its own diesel scrappage scheme where drivers with pre-Euro 4 diesel vehicles will be given up to £1,500 credit to spend on Uber. Many cities, including London, are planning on introducing Clean Air Zones in city centres (such as the Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London) and charging older vehicles - particularly diesel cars - to drive into them.

According to Uber more than half of the miles travelled on uberX journeys in London are already in hybrid or fully electric cars.

The company became the latest to launch a diesel scrappage scheme today, vowing to remove 1,000 of the most polluting vehicles from London's roads by giving £1.5m to customers.

Emissions from diesel cars are a big contributor to poor air quality. The fund will subsidise drivers with who want to buy environmentally friendly cars, with up to £5,000.

The Uber announcement was welcomed by green groups. "But to help reduce preventable deaths from air pollution this needs to be widened beyond Uber and beyond London".

The program also allowed Uber to collect data on drivers who worked for both companies so it could provide them with cash incentives to leave Lyft, the sources added. "Other companies and organisations need to follow".

Uber Drivers In London Must All Go Hybrid Or Electric By 2020