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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera tips and tricks

09 September 2017

In iFixit's repairability scores, one is the hardest to fix, so this means that Samsung's new Android-powered flagship is hard to take apart to replace a component.

To date, reviews of the Galaxy Note 8 have called it everything from "a almost flawless smartphone" (ZDNet) to "the most feature-rich Android phone you can buy" (CNET) to "the best big-screen phone yet" (Tom's Guide).

Samsung is bringing their latest flagship Galaxy Note 8 wrapped with many more exciting features while the dual camera is no doubt the main attraction.

The price of Samsung Galaxy C8 is not yet revealed. Some industry analysts are now confident that the phablet will surpass a million pre-purchases by next Thursday when its pre-order period is set to come to an end.

Like prior Samsung phones, the Note 8's camera app opens quickly if you tap the icon on the home screen.

First, JerryRigEverything carried out a scratch test to see how well the Note 8's Gorilla Glass 5 performs against sharp objects. The most popular color was blue, the report said, likely the Deep Blue Sea that's not available in America right now. You will see the dual cameras and the small metal ring around it.

The good part about the Galaxy Note 8 is that many components, including the common ones that typically receive the most wear and tear, are modular and can be replaced independently.

The August 23 launch of Samsung Galaxy Note8 was one of the most anticipated events of the year and Samsung unveiled a worthy successor to the Galaxy Note7.

Additionally, we also have to consider the fact that the Note 8 is facing some serious competition this year. X1 is the wide angle camera setup like all other Smartphone while X2 is the telephoto lens.

Do you think the Note 8 will outsell the Note 7 as well as the S8 series globally?

Customers in the United States have pre-ordered Note 8 more than any of the previous Note versions in the same time period. Let us know in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.