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Gas prices likely to remain elevated at least one more week

09 September 2017

Gasoline prices eased recently as some refineries reopened.

Wednesday, the US central bank said Harvey caused "broad disruptions to economic activity" along the Gulf Coast, including closed refineries, flooded workplaces, and disrupted transportation of goods and people.

South Floridians who have not evacuated endured long lines at gas stations that have even 20 cents of gas left because, in the wake of a potential Category 4 storm, there's no telling exactly how long these stations will remain without gasoline.

"I literally just checked when I was just about to pump the gas", said Christy Katubi. Across the United States, pump prices continue to rise, with the national average inching up 32.8 cents to $2.667 from a week ago.

Some stations, such as the Shell station on Michigan Street in Orlando, ran out of gas early Wednesday before being refueled shortly after.

"Thanks to Harvey shutting down an extensive amount of refining capacity, the national average gasoline price saw its largest weekly jump since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005 when the national average jumped 49 cents in a week".

"All that has played into it and has bumped up prices higher", Mayko said.

However, there's still plenty of uncertainty with two other hurricanes, which could cause prices to hike even more if they hits any areas with refineries.

"I place the blame on the governor's and the legislature's failure to weigh in the irrational high prices in California", Court said.

DeHaan said the app's developers are now working to get more information directly from the gas stations, which should increase accuracy in the coming hours.

"Right now, anybody with a boat ready in Europe is trying to send it over", Kohlman said.

The price difference in Oxford, however, was much more noticeable. According to, prices in the Elmira area are up 35 cents per gallon from last month. Music major Annie Fields said it was nothing compared to the direct damages from Hurricane Harvey.

It's not just Harvey driving up gas prices. And that is likely to happen this time as well, especially if our elected officials allow producers and gasoline stations to continue their hurricane-related price gouging. "As refineries come back online and the Colonial Pipeline resumes operations, those issues will eventually be resolved".

Gas prices likely to remain elevated at least one more week