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Google reportedly close to investing in or buying HTC

08 September 2017

Recent reports have suggested that HTC is again looking to spin-off or outright sell its VR business, but now a new rumor states that the company could actually be selling its better-known smartphone business off to Google.

HTC, which has been working closely with Google for years now, has lately been in troubled waters.

Sheridan said a Google acquisition of HTC would be "immaterial to Alphabet " given its $95 billion cash stash. This has been true for a while now, especially following the failure of the HTC 10, though we did for a while think its latest U11 was going to go at least some way towards fixing that problem.

Later, Google decided that wasn't necessary, or the business was too removed from Google's core operations, and it sold the company for about $3 billion to Lenovo in 2014. Google acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion Dollars in 2011, only to sell off the company to Lenovo in 2014 for $3 billion USD.

But Google has a renewed interest in hardware, and it's seen as a growth area for the company outside its core ad business.

Google is expected to release an update to the Pixel phone and a new touchscreen Chromebook in October. It's worth remembering that after manufacturing both the Pixel and Pixel XL, HTC is also said to be behind the upcoming Google Pixel 2 (LG is thought to be producing the Pixel XL 2). It took on more specific aesthetic, software and specification design work and commissioned HTC, the maker of the first commercial Android phone and Nexus One, to produce what would be known as the Pixel.

Google reportedly close to investing in or buying HTC