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Twitter Night Mode arrives for everyone on desktop

07 September 2017

In an interesting move, social media company Twitter has shipped its night mode feature to the desktop, allowing the users to view and use Twitter with much ease at night. The mode allows users to convert the theme of the platform into a dark tone which will allow users to surf without straining their eyes.

To activate Night Mode on desktop (or laptop), click on your profile photo, located in the upper right-hand corner. The feature has already been available on iOS and Android since a year ago.

The "Night mode" look is actually a dark navy, rather than black or gray, which is probably a better choice for general legibility. Activating Night Mode turns Twitter's usual white screens and cheerful light blue into a lovely Tumblr-like navy blue and fills up the moon icon with blue.

Users can select the Night Mode option again to revert to the traditional interface colours. It's not automatic, alas, but the quick toggle (it's in the drop-down settings menu) means you can flick it on the moment the Sun goes down.

We first saw Night Mode arrive on desktop in early August, though only some people were seeing it and the feature wasn't official yet.

Twitter Night Mode arrives for everyone on desktop