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More explosive components found near Paris

07 September 2017

Two men have been arrested near Paris after French police discovered bomb-making materials in a suburban apartment, officials said.

A police official confirmed the new discovery that was made in Thiais, a suburban city close to the Villejuif apartment where the explosive TATP was found Wednesday.

Materials used to produce TATP, an explosive often used by suicide bombers, were found at the flat in Villejuif on the southern rim of the French capital on Wednesday after a plumber contacted police to report suspect activity there.

One of the two arrested men, aged 36 and 47, is the owner of the flat, they said.

He was outside the building when he spotted chemicals on a balcony of the flat, then saw a soldering iron and a hot plate through the window, the paper reported, quoting a source close to the probe.

The vehicle used by the assailants in Cambrils had been in the Paris area less than a week before the attacks.

The source specified, as cited by Reuters that TATP explosive was found in the Paris suburb of Villejuif.

The arrests raised questions about whether the suspects might be linked to a jihadist cell in Spain which carried out two vehicle attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils last month.

'It is possible there were links but honestly I don't know, ' Collomb said. "We have it all from their phone data".

More than 230 people have been killed by Islamist-inspired attackers in the past three years in France, which along with the United States and other countries are bombing Islamic State bases in Iraq and Syria.

France has been the site of numerous terror attacks in recent years.

More explosive components found near Paris