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Ubisoft expands in Quebec

06 September 2017

The company made the announcement earlier today, revealing its plans to open a brand-new studio in Saguenay, east of Montreal.

Mallat spoke about the expansion plans, saying that, 'With these direct investments in the ecosystem, Ubisoft is concretely participating in the development of specialised technological expertise, a long-term enabler of success for the Province of Quebec'.

Ubisoft's new Saguenay studio will be given a mandate to work on Internet services and technology, which includes the systems allowing players to interact when they play games online.

Even as criticisms are being levelled at government aid provided to multimedia companies, Ubisoft announced Tuesday that it will expand it operations in Quebec, establishing a presence in Saguenay and projecting the creation of 1,000 jobs over the next 10 years.

Ubisoft's Quebec-based studios have worked on the critically acclaimed Far Cry and Assassin's Creed series. In all, Ubisoft will be spending around $780 million bringing these two new studios on board.

The Saguenay office alone is expected to grow to around 125 employees in the next give years, while Ubisoft anticipates creating 200 new jobs for Quebec City and another 675 in Montreal.

Games giant Ubisoft has announced a new studio to be opened in Quebec, Canada.

For its fiscal year ended march 31, 2017, the giant of the video game has received almost 90 million of the québec State grants in the framework of this tax measure.

"The tax credit applied on the 1000 jobs created by Ubisoft represents a tax expenditure of approximately $ 160 million, said Mr. Couillard". In contrast, a year ago Ubisoft pulled in $273.7 million in PRI, or 17% of its total sales earnings of $1.7 billion.

If you're free at 1:45 PM UK today and like Ubisoft games, there might be something interesting waiting for you right around the corner. One of the authors moved to the region some years ago while the other was born and raised in Quebec.

Ubisoft expands in Quebec