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Putin says whoever leads in Artificial Intelligence will rule the world

06 September 2017

Putin said it was important to prevent monopolies in the field, adding that if Russian Federation became the global leader in artificial intelligence, "it will share its technology with the rest of the world, like we are doing now with atomic and nuclear technology".

"There are colossal opportunities but also threats that are hard to predict".

After sharing the link about Putin's comments, Musk warned that the competition Putin was referring to will ignite World War 3.

The AI race, on the other hand, has already begun, Musk said, noting the September 1 remarks of Russian President Vladimir Putin that world dominance will belong to the leader in AI.

Musk has over 12 million followers on twitter.

The nuclear threat from North Korea has made everything a bit scary on the go.

Elon Musk is making bold claims about the future of AI once again, this time that an AI arms race between the world's superpowers could destroy the world.

Tech executive, Elon Musk said that competition for superiority in artificial intelligence at a national level would "most likely be the cause of World War III".

Musk elaborated his concerns further on Twitter, which are less about what governments possess strong AI first and more about decisions that an AI could make on behalf of a government or military to spark world war.

The movement of the eyes can be used to operate various systems, and also there are possibilities to analyze human behavior in extreme situations, including in space ...

Musk notes that Russian Federation and China are involved in research in the field of artificial intelligence, and soon their example will be followed by other countries with a strong computer science programs.

However, last week, China may have the ability to catch up to the the AI race, Goldman Sachs reported.

Musk added to that, saying that the worldwide race to be the leader in artificial intelligence, or AI, will lead to dire consequences.

In the process, Musk has clashed with at least one fellow tech billionaire: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon.

"NK launching a nuclear missile would be suicide for their leadership, as SK, US and China wd invade and end the regime immediately", Musk said.

Putin says whoever leads in Artificial Intelligence will rule the world