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New US citizens react to DACA shutdown

06 September 2017

For that reason, the former president said that the question of "Dreamers", as undocumented youths who came to the United States as children are known, is ultimately "about basic decency".

"I have a great heart for the folks we are talking about, a great love for them", The Hill quoted Trump as saying.

But in a statement Tuesday afternoon, McConnell praised Trump's decision to pull the plug on the program.

North Texas "Dreamers" now protected by DACA said they were concerned on Tuesday after the Trump administration announced the program would be ended. She said for many DACA recipients, living in the all they can remember.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul echoed Sessions' argument that the Obama-era executive order was illegal, but called on Congress to come up with a legislative solution that would keep parts of the program.

"President Trump's decision to end DACA is a deeply shameful act of political cowardice and a despicable assault on innocent young people in communities across America", said Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House of Representatives.

DACA recipients will be able to work until the expiration date of their current work authorization document.

"Children shouldn't be punished because their parents came here illegally".

Under President Donald Trump's administration, Sessions said the plan is to wind down DACA in the next six months.

Meanwhile, police arrested about a dozen "DREAMers" and civil rights activists in NY on Tuesday during a protest that paralyzed Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower here.

Right now, she is protected from deportation by DACA.

Kemau, now a scientist who lives in Warner Robbins, waited for more than 15 years to become a US citizen.

The opposition to ending DACA stretches far beyond the immigrant advocacy groups one would expect. "There is nothing that we will be pushing on more strongly for Congress to act on", president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, said in an interview with NPR.

Born in Mexico, 19-year-old Karina Torres Martinez and 21-year-old Ivan Luna said they have concerns about their future in the United States, a place that has been there home since a very young age.

But Sosa said the people now facing deportation may not be who you would expect.

New US citizens react to DACA shutdown