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McLaren hold Renault talks but no decision yet on Honda split

05 September 2017

Fernando Alonso and teammate and Stoffel Vandoorne both failed to complete the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday (3 September), the third time this season that McLaren has been forced to retire both cars from a race.

Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul conceded last month that Alonso's return was not on the cards, as they could not guarantee a competitive vehicle for him - the same issue that has dogged him at McLaren.

Palmer was given a five-second penalty by the stewards after he jumped the chicane while duelling with the Spaniard for a lowly 12th position.

"The talent of our drivers shone and we held on to hope that we would be able to achieve a positive result against the odds this afternoon".

"When we arrived at the chicane we were side by side", Alonso said.

Formula One chiefs are attempting to put a plan in place that will keep Honda on the grid even if McLaren axe the Japanese engine supplier for Renault following positive talks over the weekend at the Italian Grand Prix.

McLaren are now in negotiation with the French manufacturer about a switch, and although Renault are keen for that to happen, it relies on a deal between Toro Rosso and Honda being struck, which would free up some of Renault's engine stock for McLaren.

A well-placed source told Reuters that seemed to be the direction all parties were heading in, with benefits for all concerned.

Alonso, meanwhile, has been impressed with what the Renault engine is capable of delivering with Red Bull and is also expecting clarification on both his and McLaren's future soon. It's a big decision that has lots of elements to it and economics are one. "We are here to win so we are going to make a sporting decision".

"And Renault already said this week that next year they will not be ready yet". How long can you wait before you've got upset drivers, upset partners and upset fans?

"There's a variety of challenges", Brown said when asked about the situation.

"We need to know what we do and where we go because there is a timing issue with next year's vehicle design", he told reporters, refusing to comment on a suggestion that Honda were due to attend a board meeting in Tokyo.

"I believe there are options in the market to be winning next year and that's going to be my only intention, and if I can't find them or see them, I'll try to win wherever I go".

Red Bull principal Christian Horner said it was of no outcome to him or his team what engine Toro Rosso raced with.

But the McLaren boss was tight-lipped on his ongoing discussions with Honda. We think we understand the lack of power in the engine so it's not different problems all of the time but it is a few problems.We need to get more competitive and this weekend showed that we're just not making any significant progress.

McLaren hold Renault talks but no decision yet on Honda split