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Minutes Of Pocket Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video Revealed

04 September 2017

The additional content and updates will inevitably end eventually, but director Hajime Tabata says that he might still have plans for telling more stories before they move on to another project.

When Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was announced late last month, our we raised our eyebrows with some warranted skepticism as to whether or not Square Enix could actually pull off what they were promising: A full featured, mobile version, of their blown-out console title Final Fantasy XV.

I'm still very curious how Squeenix is going to handle pricing of the individual episodes, as the game is said to be spread across 10 episodes.

In other words, Tabata is prepared to make a transition to a new project if the RPG fans want Episode Ignis to be the finale, or if they still would like to see a Luna or Ardyn DLC.

"If things are taken a little too far". By the beginning of 2018, the team will definitely move on to their next project. "Obviously we're doing a lot of different things within the XV development team at the moment".

For Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix does not want to restrict modders in any way, something that is... well... a pleasant surprise.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition went with a drastic change in graphics instead of scaling down the realistic graphics of the console edition, which works well in giving it a unique flavor. Thanks to this confirmation, we are able to spot one or two individuals that have pledged to bare it all in Final Fantasy XV. He added that if there is a need from the community to have more content, they would like to respond to the request and try to make it possible. "So it really does all synergize perfectly". You can find him rambling about Persona and cute animals on Twitter.

Minutes Of Pocket Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video Revealed