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Google Home Deal: Get it for just $90 at Micro Center stores

31 August 2017

In addition, Google says that Assistant will soon make its way into smart appliances, with LG as the first company named as supporting the virtual companion.

Google Assistant won't be limited to Google devices for much longer. Anker is also behind the Alexa-enabled Eufy Genie, which retails for under $35.

Anker's Zolo Mojo, Mobvoi's TicHome Mini and Panasonic's GA10 will all become available later this year, and a lot of them will sell in the well as the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and France.

More devices powered by Assistant will be announced over the course of this week, so keep it locked to Android Central for all the details.

With these speakers, you'll be able to interact with them just like you would a Google Home.

The Zolo Mojo arrives in late October for $70. In addition to its own products and Android and iOS devices, Google Assistant will be coming to a range of speakers and home appliances, the company announced at the IFA show in Berlin. These speakers also have support for multi-room audio and can also be paired with Google Home and Chromecast. Anker worked hand-in-hand with Google to create the Zolo Mojo, so that everything you can do with the Google Home today, will work with the Zolo Mojo. Controlling the biggest and most-expensive devices in homes using voice commands could have a much bigger impact.

You will also be able to cast music and set multiple accounts to work on one speaker; this will enable the speaker to distinguish your voice from every other.

The Panasonic SC-GA10 will go on sale in early 2018.

Inside this speaker you'll find two 20mm tweeters paired with an 8cm woofer to round out the base. And the firm will reveal more Google Assistant-powered speakers later in the week. Google says that Assistant support will let people simply say, "Ok Google, start vacuuming" or, "Ok Google, is the laundry done?" to get chores done quickly.

Whether or not Google does win out in the war with Amazon, if you're already invested in the Alexa ecosystem, then the GA10 might not be for you.

Google Home Deal: Get it for just $90 at Micro Center stores